Tuesday, July 19th 2022

9:00Welcome AddressSteffen Schön
9:15Plenary Lecture:
Testing interval arithmetic libraries   
Nathalie Revol        
10:15Coffee Break
Session 1: Mathematical Tools and Software
10:45The Codac librarySimon Rohou
11:15A new type of intervals for solving problems involving partially defined functionsLuc Jaulin
11:45Differential Inclusion using Matrix ExponentialDamien Massé
Session 2: Fault Tolerant Systems and Identification
13:45Fault Detection in Networked Control Systems. A Robust ApproachCarlos Eduardo Valero
14:15Online Identification of the Open-Circuit Voltage of Lithium-Ion Batteries with the Use of Interval MethodsMarit Lahme
14:45Rigorous bounds on the failure probability with the SIVIA algorithmMarco de Angelis
15:15Coffee Break
15:45Social Program

Wednesday, July 20th 2022


Plenary Lecture
Efficient engineering analysis with imprecise probabilities

Michael Beer

Coffee Break

Session 3: Methods with Result Verification 1
10:30A constraint programming approach for polytopic simulation of ordinary differential equations - a collision detection application

Julien Alexandre dit Sandretto

11:00Symmetries for Interval AnalysisLuc Jaulin
11:30Lie symmetries applied to guaranteed integration: application to mobile robotics localisationJulien Damers
12:00Affine Encodings for Optimal Monitoring of Temporal Properties under Uncertain ObservationMartin Fränzle
Session 4: Methods with Result Verification 2
14:00Higher-Order Methods for Differential InclusionsPieter Collins
14:30Computer-assisted Existence Proofs for Navier-Stokes Equations on an Unbounded Strip with ObstacleJonathan Wunderlich
15:00Uses of Methods with Result Verification in the Context of MIMO SystemsEkaterina Auer
15:30Eigenvalues enclosures of skew symmetric/Hermitian matrices having bounded uncertaintySuman Maiti
16:00Coffee Break
Session 5: Interval Methods for Localization 1
16:30Robust 3D target localization using UAVs with state uncertaintyMaxime ZAGAR
17:00A Geometric Approach to the Coverage Measure of the Area Explored by a RobotMaria Luiza Costa Vianna
17:30Sea route monitoring by weather buoys using interval analysisQuentin Brateau

Thursday, July 21st 2022

Session 6: Interval Methods for Localization 2
9:00How to determine uncertainty interval: Practice in GNSS and LiDAR localisation

Jingyao Su

9:30An investigation of interval and set-based uncertainty representation for GNSS navigationSteffen Schön
10:00Interval-based Global Localization in Building MapsAaronkumar Ehambram
10:30Coffee Break
Session 7: Robust Control and State Estimation
11:00High-gain interval observer for continuous-discrete time systems : Application to a quadcopterAntoine Hugo
11:30Stabilizing Controller Design Using an Iterative LMIs Approach for QuadrotorsOussama Benzinane
12:00Validated Model Predictive Control based on Exponential EnclosuresAndreas Rauh


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